Terms and Conditions

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Thank you for listing with Margaret River Find the Fun! The following Terms and Conditions explain how we will work with you to promote your business within the beautiful Margaret River Region. If you should require further information, please give us an email on our contact form.


You/your/your company/your business/company representative: means the representative of the company or the company responsible for the listing

Us/our/we: refers to Nymmbl, owner of Margaret River Find the Fun App, and www.margaretriverfindthefun.com.au

App: Margaret River Find the Fun App for Android phones and iPhones

Website: www.margaretriverfindthefun.com.au

Who can list

To list on this directory website and in the Margaret River Find the Fun App, your business must fit into one of our pre-defined categories. Your business must be located within our defined map borders (ie, from Cape to Cape and out to Sues Road as the most Eastern border). Nymmbl reserves the right to reject your listing if these criteria are not met.

Nymmbl reserves the right to edit and approve your listing before publishing it, and to edit any listing updates made by you or your company’s representative. We may also delete your listing without warning in the case of non-payment or if inappropriate, offensive or abusive material is published. This is solely at our discretion.

Creating your listing

Once you have created your listing, you will receive an email with our deposit details. We accept payment using “pay anyone” from bank account to bank account. Payment is due within 7 business days, or your account will be deleted.

Your initial listing will be held in our approval queue until payment is received. Once payment is confirmed, your listing will be reviewed and published. Once approved, your listing will go live on the website. There will be a slight delay for the listing to appear on our App, which will correspond to our database-update cycle (typically done once every 2 weeks).

Your subscription period begins once we approve your initial listing and put it live onto the App. Subscriptions are for one year in duration.

Use of images

Your business ensures that you have all legal rights to use any images. It is your company’s responsibility to gain permissions from the photographer or copyright holder, and to ensure that the image can be used for commercial purposes. Any infringement and resultant action will be you and/or your company’s responsibility. Nymmbl will not bear any responsibility or any costs associated from misuse of images.

If a watermark is required (eg, to credit the photographer),  it is to be placed along the bottom edge or the sides, and not across (ie, not obscuring) the photo.

The image you upload must be of a certain maximum file size (150 kB) and ratio (2:3; height to length OR 1200 px wide x 800 px tall) and must be of a professional quality. Nymmbl reserves the right to not use unacceptable images. In such cases, your image will be replaced with our standard icon for the category you have listed in.

Our refund policy

We adhere to the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission’s Consumer Rights and Guarantees (eg, cancelling a service). Please visit their website for more information, and contact us in the event you would like to discuss your account.