Cape to Cape Track Hiking Guide App


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The Cape to Cape Track Hiking Guide App has all of the same great features that the Margaret River & Surrounds Find the Fun App has, such as: beautiful photographs, extremely detailed information and built-in maps that you use with your phone’s GPS. Once you turn the GPS on when you’re on a map, you cannot get lost and will not miss anything.

NO INTERNET OR MOBILE COVERAGE IS NEEDED to use this guide. This is very important because most of the track has sporadic mobile coverage. The excellent maps work without using any data, WiFi connection, or internet. So it’s fast and it won’t cost you money on roaming charges.

Each map is marked-up to show you viewpoints, attractions, toilets, places to get water, the best beaches, where to camp and more. Tap any map marker to show much more information about that place.

It’s like having your own personal tour guide in your pocket that is showing you exactly where to turn at those unmarked crossroads, and it can be quickly referenced to show you the name of the beach or town you are on or in. It is easier than using a paper guide book or a paper map and compass because you can instantly see where you are. So download it today and start your hiking adventure!

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