So what exactly is this Margaret River App?

Margaret River Find the Fun App™ and Website

The mobile App and this website are two unique guides that you can use to find your way around the Margaret River Region.

  1. The App is self-contained on your iPhone or Android phone and uses your phone’s GPS to show you where you are and where you want to go, which means that you don’t need to be connected to the Internet. You can also look at all of the great content while offline. (If you access any of the web links, then of course, you’ll be accessing the Internet, but you don’t need to!)
  2. This website can be used by anyone who can access a website using a browser, such as a laptop or a home computer. It will give you loads of great information as long as you are connected to the Internet.

So if you’re looking for great things to see and do, such as surfing an epic wave like the one below at Bears Bommie, then Margaret River Find the Fun should be your go-to resource.


The problem with traveling

As people who travel a lot, we often find it a frustrating exercise to find quality information on the place we are visiting.

  • Paper guidebooks are often out-of-date and expensive to buy.
  • Paper maps don’t have much information on them.
  • Using the internet can be expensive when you’re away from home and paying mobile roaming charges.
  • Tourist Information centers are not always open or conveniently located. Many promote their paying members; they often lack in information about the free stuff.
  • As for websites? How much time do you spend bouncing from website to website trying to find both free attractions and businesses where you can spend your money?
  • Once in the region, the main options are to juggle information from websites, guidebooks, magazines, paper maps, pamphlets and brochures. None are complete, and we often get home only to realise that we’ve missed seeing some pretty cool stuff.

Does this sound like your experience?

Find the Fun is a complete guide to use before and during your stay

We’ve taken a fresh and unique approach to bring visitors the best information about the Margaret River Region. All of the useful stuff in one spot. The App works without an Internet connection. Simply convenient.

App Screens

App benefits for you, the visitor/user:

  • Free to download
  • The maps show you the closest businesses and natural attractions to where you are currently standing (websites cannot do this!)
  • The list view shows you what is nearby and shows you the distances from where you are standing
  • Works in mobile black spots, so it works EVERYWHERE
  • Because it is NOT constantly accessing the Internet to bring you content, it is FAST
  • It doesn’t use internet data when using the maps or looking at listings
  • If you always carry your phone, then you’ll always have the guide with you (unlike a paper map or guide, which is often left behind)
  • Points of interest are shown as accurate pins on our highly detailed maps, unlike a paper map from a tourist info center, which has little detail and can be impossible to use to navigate.
  • Excellent offline mountain biking and hiking maps never stop working so you can safely wander off into the bush knowing your map will not disappear because you lose internet connection.

So if you have a smartphone or tablet, why not have a look at Margaret River Find the Fun?