Top 10 most popular sunset watching spots in the Margaret River Region

Winter and early spring are perfect seasons for sunrise and sunset watching. Dramatic skies with interesting clouds produce some stunning colours and shapes. (Image courtesy of Christian Fletcher Galleries).

The Margaret River Region is a special place because it is one of the few places in Western Australia where you can watch the sun both rise and set over the ocean. That’s right! Watch it rise over Geographe Bay in Dunsborough, Eagle Bay or Bunker Bay, then watch it set anywhere along the west coast, from Sugarloaf Rock, to Yallingup to Cape Leeuwin.

The most popular top 10 spots for sunrise and sunset watching are (from north to south)

1. Busselton Beach overlooking the Jetty

Early in the morning when the bay is glassy calm is an ideal time to head down to watch the day unfold.

Busselton Jetty at Sunset by Christian Fletcher

Photo copyright Christian Fletcher

2. Dunsborough foreshore at the end of Elmore Road

There is a beautiful little lagoon here that is often full of birds.

3. Meelup Beach. Beautiful any time of day, really!
Meelup Beach at Sunset by Christian Fletcher

Photo copyright Christian Fletcher

4. Sugarloaf Rock

The viewing platform is a great spot for watching the sun go down. You may also see whales or dolphin.

Sugarloaf Rock at sunset

Photo copyright Paul Morton

5. Yallingup Beach

There is plenty of space here among the rocks to sit and watch the sunset as well as the surfers on one of the most iconic surf breaks in the region. Dolphins are often spotted in the waves showing the surfers just how it’s really done!

6. Canal Rocks

Lots of people scramble up the rocks to get the best view points, or you can go out and stand on the little bridge over one of the canals.

7. Injidup Beach

Sit and relax on the benches on the viewing platform to the right of the car park. There’s a wonderful view of Cape Clairault and the “mobile dunes” to the south.

8. Gracetown

Just before Cowaramup Bay Road drops into Gracetown, there is a dirt car park on the right. Pull into here for an amazing view of the bay and surfers.

9. Margaret Rivermouth and Surfers Point

Surfers Point is well set up with viewing platforms and benches so you can comfortably linger to watch the sunset or the surfers on Main Break.

Margaret Rivermouth at Sunset

Photo copyright Paul Morton

10. Hamelin Bay

Grab a patch of white sand and sit back and enjoy.
These are the most popular viewing areas for sunsets. There are many more for you to discover as you wander around the Margaret River Region.