Conto Beach

This extremely scenic beach extends northward from a rocky headland and is lined by steeps hills and limestone cliffs. The beach is suitable for swimming and fishing on calm days and for surfing on days with mid-sized swells from the southwest with easterly winds. It is not for novice surfers as the long waves pack good power and speed over reef.

The Cape to Cape track is located above the beach and follows the cliffs. Look for the track markers about 1 km from the Conto Spring turnoff, just before you head down the hill towards the ocean. Head north on the track to experience some amazing views. This is possibly the prettiest section of the Cape to Cape Track and it is well worth a 1/2 day hike to Bob’s Hollow and back along the beach. Look for emus, goannas, birds and kangaroos.

As you continue driving past Conto Springs turnoff, there are a series of about  six small car parks along this short coastline, mostly used by fishermen. Toilets and picnic tables are available at the Conto Spring car park.

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