Information about the Region

In this category you’ll find useful information to help you find your way around the Margaret River Wine Region. We’ll tell you a bit about the towns, getting there, climate & weather, history, local services and geography.

Compartment 10 Mountain Biking Trails!

The newest addition to the already excellent mountain biking in Margaret River is Compartment 10. We give you the information you need to find and to ride it. We show you where to park and the best way to ride the 9.4 km circuit.

Disabled Access Facilities in the Margaret River Region

There are a number of disabled and wheelchair accessible facilities in the Margaret River Region, including playgrounds, beach chairs and boardwalks. And the paved path at the north end of the Cape Naturaliste region should not be missed.

Top places to see kangaroos and more in the Margaret River Region

The Margaret River Region is a biodiversity hotspot with lots of wildlife. If you want to see birds, kangaroos, dolphin, stingrays and reptiles, read on! We tell you about the best free spots for viewing kangaroos in the wild!

The 7 best places to watch surfers in the Margaret River Region

If you want to watch surfers in the Margaret River Region, many spots along the coast provide excellent viewing areas right above the breaks. These 7 spots are the best of the best.

Top 10 most popular sunset watching spots in the Margaret River Region

Winter and early spring are perfect seasons for sunrise and sunset watching. Dramatic storms bring clouds and colour to the morning and evening skies. These are the top spots in the Margaret River Region for sitting back and watching the day end or begin.

Does your bike fit you properly?

If you’re feeling pain or discomfort when riding your bike, it could be a bike fit issue. Ben Liston at Dunsborough Physiotherapy is an expert in getting your bike to fit to your body!

Things to do in Margaret River (and surrounds) in winter

Winter has its own special appeal in the Margaret River Region–a lack of crowds, super-relaxed locals, beautiful sunny days that break up the monotony of the winter rains, and beaches and surf breaks all to yourself are just a few of the reasons to head on down. Here’s a top 10 list of things to do in Margaret River in winter!

Surfing Down South book-The 70s surf scene

There is a long and colourful history in the Margaret River Region, particularly when it comes to surfing. Check out a bit of surfing history from the 70s. The photos alone are worth a look!

A Brief History of the Margaret River Region

From Noongar people settlement over 48,000 years ago to a disastrous European group settlement policy, the history of the Margaret River Region is interesting and vibrant.

Climate and Weather

The Margaret River Region has a west coast Mediterranean climate. Mild winters and hot, but not-too-hot summers encourage a relaxed outdoor lifestyle.

Margaret River Region Geography

Margaret River Region Geography is quite unique. Being bordered by ocean on three sides, having limestone formed on land instead of on the sea floor, and having very poor soils results in a special and beautiful landscape.

Getting to the Margaret River Region

The drive from Perth is best if you detour through scenic Mandurah on the way. From the south, the drive is mostly along pretty single-lane roads. Bus service to and from Perth is quiet, clean and comfortable, but once you’re here, you’ll likely need to hire a car.