Road Biking

The road cycling in the Margaret River Regions is world class due to the combination of beautiful scenery, high-quality roads, lack of traffic and great climate. You can cycle through a patchwork landscape of forest, vineyards, coastline, farmland and towns. There are plenty of hills if that’s what you like, or long, mostly flat routes. The rides described in this guide follow the quietest and more beautiful roads in the region. Visitors frequently comment on just how quiet the roads are. There are few places in the world with such ideal conditions for riding a bike!

Seeing the region on a bike is a wonderful thing to do. You can get creative, combining multiple routes described here to link together sightseeing locations, cellar doors or whatever takes your fancy.

Download the App, put your phone in your pocket, and go ride. With its excellent maps and information, and with it not needing an internet connection to work (which is important because there are many places in the region without mobile internet coverage), you’ll never get lost again.