Shelley Cove

LOT 1241 Bunker Bay Road, Naturaliste, Western Australia, Australia

This sheltered bay has a sandy beach about 100 meters wide. The rocks and reef just off the beach are perfect for snorkeling. The rocky headland to the southeast (i.e. on the Dunsborough side of the cove) is a popular fishing spot. For a nice little hike, rock-hop along the coast heading northwest. There are spectacular views of coastal cliffs. Follow the coast until after about a kilometer from Shelley Cove you see a huge sea cave within the cliff. You can’t miss it. Getting the last few hundred meters to the sea cave requires some often slippery rock climbing and scrambling so is not recommended unless you are very sure you can handle it. And even then you should not try it unless the tide and swell are very low. From Shelley Cove another hiking option is to access the Cape Naturaliste hiking trail network. For more information about that see the Cape Naturaliste listing.

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