The Pines

Carters Road, Margaret River, Western Australia, Australia

Approximately 20 km of single track plus gravel fire roads with something to suit everyone from beginners to experts. The southern edge of the trail network is in a strip of native bushland near the river. This tends to have steeper trails. The northern part is within a pine tree plantation. These northern trails tend to be wider and easier for beginners to ride than the steeper southern trails. If you ride them fast however they get much more technical and difficult – there are many jumps, berms and fast cross country descents.

The south part of The Pines has some excellent downhill trails. “Big Pine” is a wonderful intermediate-level roller coaster of a track. If you ride fast it gets harder. “The Jump Tracks” suit riders who like to fly through the air. And “Paper Trail” is an expert-level downhill with some jumps and rocky sections.

The circuit marked on the map is one ride possibility. Please download the free Margaret River Find the Fun App to get very detailed maps and cycling directions. The maps work even when you don’t have internet connection. Combined with your phone’s GPS you’ll easily be able to navigate the route and never get lost.

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