Bob’s Hollow Walk

Conto Road, Boranup, Western Australia, Australia

The hike to Bob’s Hollow follows one of the most spectacular parts of the Cape to Cape Track then returns along the beach. Some of the track hugs the cliff edge 100 meters above the beach. Bob’s Hollow, located at the northern end of the loop, has beautiful limestone cliffs that are vertical to overhanging. The cliffs are the remnants of cave walls and roofs that are now exposed to the ocean about 100 meters away. Bob’s Hollow is a popular rock climbing area and worth exploring.

If you wish to walk the full loop, coming back along the beach, then start by parking at Conto Beach and walking back up the road to where the Cape to Cape Track crosses. If you instead want to walk out and back on the Cape to Cape Track there are a couple of small places you can park near where the track crosses the road. The full loop is 7.5 kilometres and takes 3 to 4 hours.

Between the carpark at Conto Beach and the beach itself there is a grassed area with a picnic table and toilets. You can surf and fish at the beach, and visit several rocky viewpoints nearby.

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